Customizable Payment


Send a customizable payment to for:

  • Deposit for Transportation Services.
  • Overtime.
  • Tips for drivers.
  • Special services and other fees.

Customize your payment by changing the “1” for your $USD payment amount and press “Add to Cart”.

Easily send us a customizable payment


Send us a customizable payment or deposit for:

  • Deposit for Transportation Services.
  • Overtime.
  • Tips for drivers.
  • Other Special Services or Fees.


Use of Customizable Payments

Deposit or Down Payment: You can always book online with full payment. But if you prefer to just give a deposit, you can pay deposit on this page. Please note that remaining balance must be fully paid 3 days in advance. See our Terms & Conditions.

Tips: Ran out of cash and wish to give your driver a tip?  Choose your amount and send online, we will be very happy to inform and give your driver your tip.

Overtime: Exceeding the included service time counts as overtime. Pay here by the hour (Rates are $30/$50 USD depending on the vehicle).

Cleaning Fee: It happens to all of us, we left some mess somewhere and it will need a special cleaning service.  The cleaning fee is usually between $20 USD and $150 USD, depending on the level of mess you left in the vehicle, the difficulty of cleaning it, and/or if the vehicle must be put out of service for special cleanup.

Special Services: Pay a specific amount be it for down payment or total payment of a Special Transportation Service or Tour.

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