Rosarito is just 20 miles south of the border. Beautiful sand beaches, hotels, condos, restaurants, and great nightlife. It´s one of the big tourist destinations in Baja California. Now home for thousands of baby boomers, and visited each year for thousands of springbreakers. South of Rosarito you can visit the Fox Studios Baja, where great films have been made, like Titanic, Master and Commander, and Pearl Harbor. The Studio offers a movie park open to the public. Rosarito is a great place to find art, furniture, and iron works. And the best of all is that it´s just 30 minutes south of the border. If you like camping or RV Camps, Rosarito offer plenty with great services and ammenities.

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Experience fun and relaxing at this mexican beach 30 minutes south of the border. So much to do!

  • Camping
  • ATV fun
  • Surfing
  • Shopping
  • Dining
  • Relax at great spas.