Our goal is to offer excellent quality services, that create an extraordinary experience for you, therefore we invite you to read the following Terms And Conditions, which you accept when you book any of our services. 

BajaExcursion.com is owned and operated by Experiencias Servicios y Tecnologia SA de CV, a mexican established company headquartered in Plutarco Elias Calles 9196, D, Zonaeste, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

COVID-19 Protocols

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have taken additional safety and hygiene measures up to the best standards of the tourism and transportation industry.

Some of the measures are, training our staff, requiring use of personal protection equipment, sanitization and disinfection of vehicles, providing antibacterial gel, complimentary face masks, temperature checks, and vehicles at 50% Capacity.

All Passengers are required to allow temperature checks, and must wear face masks correctly inside the vehicle.

Please Review All our COVID-19 Protocols Here.

Bookings or Reservations

Date availability must be confirmed before you make a reservation.

All reservations require full payment. Down Payments as a proof of reservation are only accepted on special occasions, subject to our staff criteria. Service must be fully paid before the start of the service. 


Before cancelling any reservation, we suggest you to contact us to request a change of dates (Subject to availability. Valid once. Some fees may apply).

All cancellations are subject to a 10% Cancellation Fee. However, we will offer a full refund whenever at our consideration we are still able to sell our services to another client.

Expenses made in the preparation of your service are not refundable. There is no refund for cancellations made from 48 hours prior to the start of the service, to the service day.

We will only refund the remaining amount that has not been spent in the preparation of your trip.

No Show

In the event that the customer/passenger does not appear to receive the service on the date, time or place indicated, we will try to contact the customer and/or passenger and will try to provide for the paid service. However, No Shows are treated as cancellations.

If you decide not to receive the service, or wish to cancel during the provision of the service, there will be no refunds.

Refunds will be paid via the original payment used for your reservation, be it PayPal or Electronic Bank Transfer, within 9 business days after cancellation.

Some activities require an appointment or reservation, so we recommend being on time. Paid for services which are not used, are not refundable.

Changes to the Itinerary or Schedule

Any change to the scheduled service may generate additional charges, which must be paid in cash before the new activity requested.

Schedule customization may generate additional charges.

During the service, any change to the itinerary, routes, or times, may generate additional charges, which must be paid in cash before the new change requested takes place.

Additional time (Extra hours) are not included and must be paid in cash to the drivers.

Our Responsibility

We care for the safety of our personel and passengers, so we reserve our right to deny or cancel any services that we consider may put in danger the safety of the passenger, staff, our equipment or assets, is unlawful, or extremely impact the ecosystem.

Should we cancel any service for any reason, we will refund the equivalent of the activity or part of the canceled activity, in 9 business days.

We reserve the right to make changes in itineraries or schedules due to force majeure, or to protect the safety of our passengers, staff or equipment.

In no case we will be responsible for refunds or indemnifications greater than the total amount paid by the customer.

Client & Passengers Responsibilities

It is the customer’s obligation to read and accept these Terms of Service, at the time of any hiring, and to communicate this terms to passengers and companions taking the service.

Clients, Customers and/or passengers must respect the laws and regulations of the places visited and will release us, our staff, affiliates, and providers, from any legal responsibility for infractions or damages that the customer, his companions or the passengers may cause.


Drinking alcohol, smoking, or vaping, is not allowed inside any of our vehicles.

Should an unexpected police inspection find open alcohol beverages on the vehicle, passengers will be accountable for any tickets or legal fees, and service could be cancelled.

Time Extensions (Extra hours)

If you wish to extend the transportation service time, beyond the included original hours, please contact us or ask the driver for availability, and pay in cash to the driver. Hourly Rates may vary from $30. to $50. USD per each additional hour.

Cleaning Fees

When applicable, a Cleaning Fee will be charged, depending on the level of mess you left in the vehicle, the difficulty of cleaning it, and/or if the vehicle will be out of service for cleaning purposes.

  • Up to $20. USD Spilled drinks or anything that requieres extra cleaning.
  • Up to $50. USD Spilled Alcoholic Drinks on the seats or any surface difficult to clean.
  • Up to $150 USD When significant quantities of body fluids are present (vomit, urine, blood), or if the damage or mess will cause the vehicle to be out of service for cleaning purposes.

Privacy Policies and Data Protection

We will only ask from you the necessary data required to provide the tour or transportation services you buy from us. We will never transfer your data to third parties for advertising purposes, and we will never send you promotions, advertisements, or spam.

We may ask sensitive personal data such as: allergies, physical condition, disability, among others, with the objective of offering a service that is as comfortable as possible for you, and confirm that the service you request is physically accessible to you. We promise that these data will be treated under the strictest security measures to ensure their confidentiality.

Transfer of personal data

Due to the nature of our service, if necessary, some of your personal data could be transferred to persons other than this company, in order to comply with booked transportation services, lodging, and activities. Data may be transferred using technical internet services, such as email, web hosting service, call center services, banking institutions, as well as our affiliates and subsidiaries. By using our services, and with the understanding that third parties participate in the operation of the service, you accept the above.

Your personal data may be transferred to third parties other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph by: (i) express consent, (ii) by resolution or order of judicial or administrative authority and (iii) in the case of personal information that by law is considered public.

Use of cookies

In Internet language, Cookies are pieces of text that are downloaded automatically and stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer when browsing a specific Internet page, which allows the Internet server to remember some information about this user, including their preferences for The display of the pages on that server. You are not obliged to accept the cookies that we send you, besides that you can modify your browser to not accept cookies. We on our website use cookies to record session information, such as specific information about which pages it visits as a user, but that information is used on an anonymous basis and aggregated in such a way that it can not be identified in it. When you visit our website, our server records your IP address along with the date, time and duration of your visit. An IP address is an assigned number, similar to a phone number, that allows your computer to connect to the Internet.

Links to third party websites

Our Privacy Notice only concerns the website of our property. This does not include links to third party websites. The use of the information collected by these sites is, in its entirety, the responsibility of the websites of third parties. You should consider that other organizations have their own privacy notices regarding the collection and use of personal information, as well as the use of cookies. If you are concerned about the use that other websites might give to your information, we recommend that you read its privacy policy or contact the organization that owns the website.

Data Protection

Despite having safer tools every day, the protection of data sent over the Internet can not be 100% guaranteed; So once received, every effort will be made to safeguard the information. In addition, we do our best to delete data from clients who used our services more than 1 year ago. Please forgive us if we ask for all your information again.


These Service Policies may change without notice. We invite you to visit this page again.

Latest update: June 9th. 2021.