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Our Baja California Blog with useful information, recommendations and more...

Best Pickup Location at the Border in Tijuana

Updated June 2021! PedEast – Garita de San Ysidro All border crossings must be made via San Ysidro PEDEAST Border Crossing Station. (just steps from the San Ysidro Trolley Station). This border station does exit at a taxi station in Tijuana. And just across the …

COVID-19 Protocols

We think is important for you to have clarity about what to expect when using our transportation services on any date for the rest of 2020. All passengers must comply with these protocols.

Recipes made in Baja California!

Recipes made in Baja California are plenty, as people from all over Mexico have come to the border cities to live, and thus have brought their culinary traditions with them. In Baja California you will find recipes from all over Mexico and some from all …