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Blog about Baja California

Suggested Pickup Location at the Border in Tijuana

If you will walk across the border, here is our suggested pickup place. This applies when crossing the border into Tijuana. PedWest – El Chaparral This is our favorite border crossing station for picking up passengers on the Tijuana side, the reason being that, once …

Recipes made in Baja California!

Recipes made in Baja California are plenty, as people from all over Mexico have come to the border cities to live, and thus have brought their culinary traditions with them. In Baja California you will find recipes from all over Mexico and some from all …

2015-2016 Whale Watching Season About to Start

Whale Watching Season about to start, as about this time (november 2015), whales are being watched in northern places like the Alaska and Canada coasts. By mid-december, the official whale watching season will start in the mexican state of Baja California. So we are happy …