is the english site version for the Company.

We are a Mexican Company, established in Tijuana since 2006.

We love Baja California, love traveling, and love giving great service.


Our History

It all started back in november 2005 when a group of students from the Tijuana Technological University (UTT) were invited to participate in a Entrepreneurship Competition. We entered with a project called Cooltour, which was a company that would give guided tours to people traveling in Baja, Mexico. Since the beggining we made a great effort and won third prize.

The University gave us small financing to start the project, and the Mexican Patrons Confederation (COPARMEX) gave us the technical and legal asessment.

Then we presented the project to the Municipal Institute for the Young of Tijuana, and they gave us support Incubation Program for a year. That helped us to focus on developing the business project.

Since February 2006 we have been giving services of guided tours, hotel and car reservations, designing vacations, tours and excursions, and participating in several tourism events.

With all this support we have received we have a compromise and challenge to be the best at what we do.


Our Mission

We work to

  • Create satisfactory experiencies for our customers.
  • Give solutions to tourists visiting Baja California.
  • Promote the tourism development while respecting the environment.
  • Support opportunities for sustainable development to the Baja California communities.


Our Vision:

  • To establish a relationship with our customers that help us learn how to fully satisfy their desires and needs as Baja California tourists.