Where is the Pickup location?

Because our Transportation Services are Private, you get to choose the pick up location. Most of our passengers ask us to be picked up at the border crossing in Tijuana. But you can ask for pick up in your Hotel, Airbnb, house, Tijuana Airport, downtown locations, etcetera.

Do You Have Border Pick up?

OCTOBER 2021 UPDATE: All Border Pickups will be done at the PEDEAST Border Crossing Station, or Otay Mesa if requested. (At this moment, Pedwest is closed).

Just walk across the border in San Ysidro or Otay Mesa. Your driver will be parked nearby waiting for your call.

How is the Border Crossing into Tijuana?

OCTOBER 2021 UPDATE: All Border Pickups will be done at the PEDEAST Border Crossing Station, or Otay Mesa if requested. (At this moment, Pedwest is closed).

If you are going to walk across the border, we suggest using PEDWEST Border Crossing Station.

We will be waiting for you on the boarding area when you enter Tijuana city.

The shortest option is San Ysidro PEDEAST Border Crossing Station, next to the trolley station.

If you will drive across the border, we will meet you in Tijuana at your desired location.

Where to park in San Ysidro?

There are several parking lots near to the border crossing stations in San Ysidro. We suggest parking and walking across the border.

If you will cross the border via PedWest, the nearest parking is Border Station Parking.

If you will cross the border via PedEast, there are nearby parkings, like: Premium Parking, and LAZ Parking.

Where to Park in Tijuana?

If you need to park your car in Tijuana, we suggest Parking across Pueblo Amigo Hotel, and Easy Parking, just 2 blocks away from the Pedwest/Chaparral Border Crossing Station. Then our driver will meet you there for pick-up.

What are Some Suggested Places to Visit?

In Tijuana: We suggest visiting Revolucion Avenue, and Tijuana Beach boardwalk. in both these places you will find lots of great restaurants (traditional and gourmet), artisanal breweries, coffeeshops, galleries, souvenir shops and plenty of interesting places.

In Rosarito we suggest walking downtown area at Benito Juarez Boulevard and visiting Puerto Nuevo, south of Rosarito, where you can taste the delicious lobster with rice, beans and giant fluor tortillas.

In Ensenada, walking Downtown the 1st. Street, full of restaurants, bars, breweries, wine tastings, food carts, and souvenir shops.

The most famous place is the Wine Country in Valle de Guadalupe, where there are a lot of great wineries and excellent restaurants. We will be happy to give you more specific recommendations, based on your interests.

How to pay for my reservation?

Please book online, you will be able to pay with credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

Should you need to pay a special amount, please send payment via PayPal to: contact@bajaexcursion.com, but please confirm availability first!

If you are in Mexico, you can make a bank deposit or transfer to our CitiBanamex bank account. Contact us and ask for the bank account details.

¿Is it necessary to make reservations?

Yes. Plase confirm availability of the date you wish. Reservations are required to guarantee availability of transportation and tours.

¿What happens if I cancel my reservation?

Suggestion: Ask us to change your reservation date to avoid cancellations.

Cancellations made into the 3 days before the date trip are not refundable.

For cancellations made 4 or more days in advance, we will always try to fully refund your payment, (Some restrictions may apply if expenses have been made to prepare your service).

Do you offer transportation services to/from San Diego, California?

No. We do not operate on USA territory.

Where Can I Read The Terms And Conditions?

Please read Terms And Conditions here.

Need More Information?

Please contact us here!