This city is 15 minutes south of San Diego CA. Once you enter Mexico is a whole different world. Tijuana offers a lot of attractions for everybody, so you just have to ask about the things that interest you.

It is recommended for the tourist to stay in the tourist zone, that is downtown and the Zona Rio. Altough if you want to see more of Mexico it is recommended to go explore further. Tijuana is in general a safe city for tourists. Also, dont do anything that you would not do in the US.

The most famous avenue in Tijuana is Avenida Revolucion, it offers restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, and a lot of shops and stores offering all kinds of things. You will notice that there are a lot of artists in Tijuana as you pass various galleries.

For a cultural entertainment, visit CECUT (Tijuana´s Cultural Center). It is open every day and offers movies in IMAX format, an antropology museum, artistic expositions, concerts, theater, coffe shops and library with souvenirs.

Tijuana has great hotels, restaurants, golf courses, movie theaters, malls, services, an international airport, and 2 ports of entry to the United States

Its is recommended that you check the traffic reports before getting back into the U. S. because of the long delays to cross the border. The Border is very busy on weekend afternoons, and it sometimes takes from 1 to 3 hours.

Tijuana City tour
Experience a taste of life in Tijuana in this 1 day tour, where you will visit the most representative side of Tijuana, like the Revolucion Avenue, and the main cultural center museum. Then enjoy the mexican food at a great restaurant. Live an unique mexican experience just south of the border.

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