Tijuana Private Driver

Your Tijuana Private Driver says Hola!

Relax & Enjoy Tijuana without driving.

We will take care of everything from the moment you board your private shuttle in Tijuana.

Private Transportation Service for grups from 1 to 50 passengers.

Your Private driver will be ready for pickup at your chosen location, ON TIME (Not mexican time, we are professionals).

Get the private driver and transportation you require. We will follow your desired schedule.

Private Driver and Car, Van, Sprinter or Bus.

Private Drivers who know Tijuana streets well. We have services departing from Tijuana to Rosarito, Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada, Tecate and beyond.

One-Way Trips or full Day-Trip service. Send us your desired itinerary and we will work the logistics out.

Transportation Services Departing from Tijuana

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