Casa Magoni winery, Valle de Guadalupe

Best Places to Visit in Valle de Guadalupe

Are you planning to travel to Valle de Guadalupe, or wondering where to go, and things to do in Valle de Guadalupe?

One of the most asked question we receive is “Which are the best places to visit in Valle de Guadalupe?

In Valle de Guadalupe you will find the most wineries in all of Mexico and a lot of related services like restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, bars, coffee shops, museums, horseback rides, ATV rides and even helicopter and ballon rides.

Las Nubes Winery and vineyards at Valle de Guadalupe
Las Nubes Winery and vineyards at Valle de Guadalupe

Because there are a lot of great activities to do in Valle de Guadalupe, we would need to make a very extensive list, however, here are some wineries and restaurants that our customers and passengers have liked a lot and have asked us to repeat several times.

Here are some of the best places in Valle de Guadalupe (We have included some of their contact details so you can contact them directly)

Grape harvest at wineries in Baja California
Grape harvest at wineries in Baja California


Las Nubes Winery, has one of the best panoramic view. (

Casa Magoni winery, open-air, under trees, rustic style.  (

Bruma Winery, interesting architecture and art exhibition. (

Vena Cava winery and Food-Truck. (

El Cielo winery and restaurant, extended gardens and lots of activities. (

Barón Balché winery and restaurant, underground tour, vineyard tours and helicopter tours (

Vina de Frannes winery & restaurant, excellent wines, nice vineyard view and great food. (

Decantos Winery & restaurant, interesting architecture, nice view and gardens. Don’t require reservations. (

Casa Frida winery, restaurant, bar, mexican art style, ( Phone: +52-646-189-4037.


Delicious farm to table food at Deckman's en el Mogor, Valle de Guadalupe
Delicious farm to table food at Deckman’s en el Mogor, Valle de Guadalupe

Deckman’s at El Mogor. US Phone: +1-619-721-4820. MX Phone: +52-646-188-3960. (

Finca Altozano restaurant. Phone: +52-646-688-1016. (

Fauna Restaurant at Bruma Winery (

Animalon. Whatsapp: +52-664-375-2658. (

Adobe Food Truck, at Adobe Guadalupe Winery. Phone: +52-646-117-0627.

Latitud 32 Restaurant, at El Cielo Winery. Tel. +52-646-978-0012

Hacienda Guadalupe Restaurant. Phone: +52-646-155-2860.

King and Queen Cantina, Valle de Guadalupe. Phone: +52-646-248-2912.

We hope you find this minimal list useful. If you would like to suggest a new place, please contact us.

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