Getting into Tijuana

How to get into Tijuana

Getting into Tijuana is easy, there are several options and you can always ask for our transportation services. For questions, email us at:

By Plane:Arrive on your scheduled flight to the Abelardo L. Rodriguez Tijuana International Airport. Once there, you can rent a car, hire an authorized taxi cab, get into a bus, or get picked up by us.

By Car: If you are driving, near San Diego, California, take South 805 or South 5. Both will take you to the San Ysidro port of entry to Mexico. Once you cross the border, you will have several optiones: you can take the road to Downtown Tijuana, or Zona Rio, or the Rosarito – Ensenada toll road.
The other option to enter Mexico at Tijuana is to take the East 905. It will take you directly to the Otay Mesa port of entry to Mexico. Once you are in mexican territory, there are several options like the Tecate road, Downtown or, Rosarito – Ensenada toll road.

On foot: Arrive to San Ysidro Border Crossing Port by parking your car in one of San Ysidro´s several public parking lots, or arrive by trolley or bus. Then walk into Mexico. You can ask for the Yellow Taxi Cabs, take the public bus (The white & blue one used by locals) that will take you to Downtown or Zona Rio, or even walk towards Downtown (a 15 minute walk, about 10 blocks). The safest option for tourists is the Yellow Taxi Cabs.

On Bus: Mexicoach offers border crossing services, departing from their station (At Border Station Parking) in San Ysidro. The bus will take you to Avenida Revolucion in Downtown Tijuana and back. It is a cheap and good service.

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