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Welcome to BajaExcursion.com, your go-to transportation service for discovering the best of Baja California! Whether you’re heading from Tijuana to Valle de Guadalupe, Rosarito or Ensenada, we’ve got you covered.

Our top priority is providing you with exceptional service and sharing the best experiences that Baja California has to offer. We have vehicles of all sizes, from compact cars for solo travelers or small groups (up to 3 passengers), to vans and buses for larger groups.

Our professional drivers will provide private service to your group, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride while you take in the beautiful scenery. We are happy to work with your schedule, and if you need recommendations, we’ve got plenty! We know the best tourist attractions and will only suggest the ones that offer the best experiences.

But what’s a trip without delicious food? We’ve got you covered there too! We can suggest amazing dining options, from traditional taco stands to the best gourmet food in Valle de Guadalupe and Tijuana. Baja California is known for its fresh ingredients, some of which are organic, and you’ll enjoy them fresh at your table. Don’t forget to try the local wines and craft beers, paired with delicious dishes from recognized chefs in amazing locations.

If you’re looking for a longer adventure, we specialize in multi-day trips down the Baja Peninsula. We take care of everything, including transportation, accommodations, tours, delicious meals, and professional tour guides.

Book with BajaExcursion.com today for an unforgettable trip to Baja California!

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