Tecate is the name of this small city in the northern part of Baja California, about 30 minutes southesast of San Diego. Tecate is home to the very famous beer of the same name. As you enter the city you can smell the scent coming from the beer factory. The brewery offer visitors guided tours into the facilities to see the process involving the elaboration of beer, and try a beer tasting at their beer garden.

Bakeries in Tecate are also very famous. Near town you can see incredible landscapes in La Rumorosa, an ecological zone with gigantic rocky formations, where a singular brisk of wind, with characteristic humming gives the name to this zone. Visit the cave paintings in Vallecitos.

If you want to relax, visit some of the Spa and resorts in the Tecate, they offer great services and are visited from people from all over the world. South of Tecate, there are some vineyards in Valle de las Palmas, and is the entrance to the most wide Wine Country of Baja California, Mexico.

Tecate excursion: Cave paintings and the beer process

Get to know the city that gives name to the beer. Take a guided tour into the beer world, see the facilities, the process and the bottling. This trip includes a visit to Vallecitos, an old set of cave paintings near La Rumorosa.

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