COVID-19 Protocols

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines for Travel

We believe is important for you to have clarity about what to expect when using our transportation services, during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are taking actions to reduce health risks for you, our staff and collaborators.


Important Information about Changes to Service

  1. ALL passengers without exception, must use face masks, throughout the service on board the vehicle. If you do not have one, you will be offered a complimentary one.
  2. All Passengers must allow for temperature checks before boarding the vehicles. We will be forced to deny service to people who have symptoms such as cough, or temperature greater than 38 degrees Celsius. If necessary, these passengers will be provided with Covid19 medical attention phone numbers. (WILL NOT BE OFFERED TRANSPORTATION).
  3. All Reservations will be made 100% Online, through the Platform
  4. All Payments will be made 100% Digital, through the website by using credit card or PayPal.
  5. We are starting a “Paper Free” Protocol, and going 100% Digital. No more delivery of documents or itineraries on paper. Our Reservations Staff will request the list of passenger names in advance.
  6. We are starting a “Zero Physical Contact” Protocol, Our staff will avoid touching, moving, transporting or exchanging objects with passengers (cameras, cell phones, luggage, cash, pens, brochures, cards, souvenirs, purchases, etcetera).
  7. All Vehicles will be used at half capacity (50%) to facilitate physical distancing between passengers.
  8. Pick-ups at the Tijuana Airport will be at the transit boarding area. Vehicles will hold a visible sign on the Windshield, and drivers will be sharing GPS location via WhatsApp. (Drivers will not be allowed to wait or stay in crowded waiting areas).
  9. “Overtime” or extra-hours of service are suspended. The maximum lenght of services will be 10 hours.
  10. All COLLECTIVE and TOURS services are suspended. We will only perform PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION services.

Last Minute Changes

Should you need to cancel, postpone or change your reservation, you can do it without cancelation fee at least 3 days prior the contracted date of service. Changes or cancellations requested during the 2 days prior to service are subject to availability and could generate a fee.

Should any unexpected health situation arise, that puts the health or safety of our staff or passengers at risk, we reserve the right to change, deny, or cancel a service. In the event that we cancel or deny a service on the same day, the opportunity will be given to take the service at a later date, but there will be no refunds.

All of the above measures and protocols shall be kept until further notice and may change at any time, always in order to protect the health of all, or to follow the instructions of the relevant health authorities.

Thank you for reading all of it! But maybe You have a question, please send us a message!

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