Is Traveling to Baja California Safe? (Aug 2022)

Baja California Road Blocks

Recently, some of our customers have asked about how is the security in Baja California, following news about events that happened on August, Friday 12th 2022, so we decided to write about it.

We totally understand your concerns, because the images in the news were very alarming, media amplified the events, and social media misinformed or even shared fake news.

What Really Happened

On Friday, August 12th, 2022, only for about 2 or 3 hours, there were some riots in the region. This riots were done by a very small group of people protesting because of the detention of some crime leader in southern Mexico.

The resulting damages were several burned vehicles on the streets and the resulting traffic jams caused by it. That was it.

Responsibles for the burned cars were looking to burn cars, not hurting people. Because of that, no people were injured.

Tourists and US Citizens were not a target at all. Not even local people were a target.

The US Embassy issued an alert to its personnel, clearly stating the events were “burned cars and increased police activity”, which was lifted less than 24 hours later.

How is the situation now?

Since the riots, police and security forces presence in the region has increased substantially, so now the area is more secure than ever.

At the time of this writing, everything is back to normal. Travelers can enjoy the region as usual.

All Hotels, Wineries, Restaurants, Tour Operators and Attractions are open and ready to offer you a great time.

We will keep on operating our Transportation Services with security as a priority. When we consider some activity is risky we just don’t do it and inform you beforehand.

So, we hope to have given you some peace of mind, and hope to see you soon in Baja!

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