Grape harvest in Baja California Wine Country

Is Traveling to Baja California Safe? (August 2022)

Some of our customers have asked about how is the security in Baja California, so we decided to write about it.

Recently, police and security forces presence in the region has increased substantially, so now the area is more secure than ever.

We suggest you should exercise normal precautions, but specially if you are visiting Valle de Guadalupe or any place in Mexico, avoid drinking alcohol on the streets, drinking and driving, and visiting lonely dark streets at night.

All Hotels, Wineries, Restaurants, Tour Operators and Attractions are ready to offer you a great time.

Since 2006, we operate our transportation services with security as a top priority. When we consider some activity is risky we just don’t do it and inform you beforehand.

So, we hope to have given you some peace of mind, and hope to see you soon in Baja!

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